Electric charge and coloured socks

Socks can be red, green, blue, antired, antigreen or antiblue.  Every sock has a colour charge and an electric charge, as follows:

Sock name Colour charge Electric charge
Red Red (R) -1/6
Green Green (G) -1/6
Blue Blue (B) -1/6
Antired Antired (R’) +1/6
Antigreen Antigreen (G’) +1/6
Antiblue Antiblue (B’) +1/6

These socks have a clear correlation of colour charge with electric charge.  Unfortunately, unlike these socks, quarks do not have a clear dependence of negative electric charge on colour and positive electric charge on anticolour.  A red down quark has negative charge but a red up quark has positive electric charge.

But, can we build quark properties out of these socks?  Yes.  Say a red down quark and a red up quark contain the following socks:

Quark name Quark’s six socks Quark’s colour charge Quark’s electric charge
Red down (RGB)(RG’B’) RGBRG’B’ = RR(GG’)(BB’) = RR = Red1 -1/3
Red up (R’G’B’)(RG’B’) R’G’B’RG’B’ = RR’ (G’B’) (G’B’) = RR = Red2 +2/3

1 where GG’ and BB’ are both colour neutral.

2 where RR’ is colour neutral and (G’B’) is red {R’G’B’= neutral, so R’ (G’B’) is neutral, so G’B’=R}

See also       http://vixra.org/abs/1505.0076

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