Online dice game to generate elementary particles in Preon Model 5

Online dice game to generate elementary particles in Preon Model 5


Attached is an Excel 2007 (.xlsm) file which uses Virtual Basic software

to allow virtual dice to be rolled. Different combinations of rolled dice
generate different elementary particles, according to my Preon Model 5.

Dice game for Model 5 elementary particles

Just download the file and click on appropriate buttons to roll the dice.
4 big dice give electrons, photons and neutrinos.
8 big dice give the Z and W.
12 big dice give the muon and muon neutrino.
16 big dice give the higgs and gluon.
20 big dice give the tauon and tauon neutrino.
3 small dice and three big dice give the up and down quarks
3 small dice and eleven big dice give the charm and strange quarks
3 small dice and nineteen big dice give the top and bottom quarks.
Have fun!
1 January 2014

(Revised and renamed 14 January 2014)
(Revised 27 January 2014)

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3 Responses to Online dice game to generate elementary particles in Preon Model 5

  1. Richard Gill says:

    Doesn’t work on my Mac 😦
    … and I do have Microsoft Excel 2011.

    Does it have to be Virtual Basic and Excel?

    • ben6993 says:

      Hi, the progam is written in Excel2007 using Excel’s Visual basic, and my system is Windows Vista. You should be able to access it with Excel2011 so long as you have the VB component of your Excel also installed. I looked briefly at making a “.exe” version of the file, though I am not sure that WordPress accepts that kind of file. But anyway it would take me ages to do that (I have forgotten how to do it!), and online help pages seem to say it is not straightforward. I have had two users say that they could not even see my file at first attempt, but one of them tried again and it worked fine at second attempt. I pretty much only program in Excel VB now. When I retired I lost my access to SPSS. I no longer have access to mainframe Fortran and never really came to grips with MS Fortran for PCs. R language looks useful, but I would need time to investigate it more. Regards.

  2. ben6993 says:

    I tried to update the excel file on 22 May 2014 but the revised excel file type (.xlsm) was not accepted by the site. The original version worked fine in January 2014 but I deleted that one in trying to update it. I will post the file elsewhere.

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