Family trees for elementary particles

Here is an excel file showing the family tree for elementary particles based on a modified preon/string structure: particle structures

Only the following particles are included at present: electron and positron,  up and down quarks, neutrinos including sterile neutrino, W,  Z and dark matter.  The preon structures for muon, tauon and associated neutrinos and strange, charm, bottom and top quarks, colour charge operators and Higgs are known and will follow asap. Dark matter also occurs in different generations.

There are 24 preons in each of the electron and positron,  up and down quarks, neutrinos and dark matter.  The W and Z each have 48 preons.

Each sheet on the Excel file shows details of each preon/string in a particle. There are 60 different qualities or state of a preon/string e.g. a string could be: L’ r + 0  i.e. a Left handed or screw-like preon.  The r indicates a red colour charge.  The ‘ indicates that it is an antimatter preon. The + indicates that it has + spin.  The 0 indicates that it has no weak isospin.  Such a structure would automatically be known to have negative electric charge as that is associated with L’.

The electron appears to be static in the spreadsheet, but preons/strings move at speed c. Each colour charge inhabits a separate 4D so that makes a 12D space, at least, for each particle. In an electron, the three colour branes are twisting continually around one another in a triple helix in 12D.

The spreadsheets include snapshots from ancestry family tree software, where the smaller structures (ie 24-preon particles) split off from bigger structures (48-preon particles, e.g. W and Z) and the 48-preon particles split off from 96-preon particles (e.g. Higgs and gluons), and so on, showing where the higgs fits in the family with the other elementary particles.



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