Here is an excel file (.xlsm) including visual basic code pair production

The program code ‘generates’  a fermion at random when you click on the “make” button.  It shows the electric charge and colour charge of the fermion and the name of the particle.  It also makes a cumulative count of the number of types of particle produced.

Note that a hypothetical dark matter particle, with zero electric and colour charge,  is suggested.    A dark matter particle is produced more frequently than an electron but less frequently than a quark.

Note also that electrons and positrons and dark matter particles in this model are not colourless but are symmetric in the three colours.   I.e. the three colours appear in equal measure.  Also a coloured quark is not wholly composed of one single colour or anticolour but has an imbalance in favour of one colour or anticolour.


(Post revised 9 July 2013 to include colour charge)

(Post revised 11 July 2013 )

(Post revised 12 July 2013)

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