Dark matter WIMP mass of 65.7 GeV/c^2

Using the pattern of n-Higgs masses in the previous posting: ‘Masses of N-Higgs-type particles’,  a dark matter WIMP can be estimated to have mass = 65.7 GeV/c^2.

This WIMP is exactly half a Z boson which is why it fits the pattern of n-higgs masses, where n=1/2.   It has mass =   mass of Z / 1.388.

My ideas for the dark matter WIMP are summarised here but I am writing a fuller version to be added here when ready.  A Z particle has enough string contents to split into an e- and an e+.  That is the most unequal division of charge to the two daughter parts: -1 and +1.  A Z also has enough string contents to split into an up plus an antiup quark: with charges +2/3 and -2/3.  And it could split into a down plus an antidown quark: with charges -1/3 and +1/3.    In my model, the Z has enough content to split into two identical halves which each have zero charge.  Whether or not it ever does so split is not known.  But if it does split in such a manner, then the particle has no electric charge and does not interact with the strong force, and I doubt that it will interact with the weak force.

As it would be an exact half of the contents of the Z, then that would make it identical in contents to the photon and neutrino, both of which are massless in my model.  The three particles (dark, neutrino and photon) have different properties because of the different pairings of strings in the three different particles.

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