Masses of N-Higgs-type particles

My naive formula for calculating the N-Higgs type of boson mass depends on adding moments of inertia by Pythagoras rather than simple adding. And it needs a given mass as starting point. So the mass of Higgs = mass of Z * sqrt(2).

I have calculated all the masses, starting at Z, in one continuous calculation, ie using only one starting mass and one scalar multiplier. I ought to use sqrt(2) as the scaling factor, but that gives gives overestimates compared to online plots by Tommaso Dorigo. So instead of 1.414214 I have used the single multiplier of 1.388.

Particle      my calcs.           Mass plots
Z                                              91.2 wiki
H                   127                  125.3 wiki
2-H               176                  ~160 TD1* (maybe 160 is not the 2-H particle?)
4-H               244                 ~245 TD1
8-H               338                 ~345 TD1
16-H             470
32-H             652
64-H             905
128-H          1256
256-H          1744                ~1800 TD2**
512-H          2420                ~2400 TD2
1024-H        3360               ~3400 TD2
2048-H        4663
4096-H        6472
8192-H        8984
16384-H    12469
32768-H    17307
65536-H    24022
131072-H  33343
262144-H  46280

I am surprised that the interpolations below seem to work.
3-H                 207            ~215 TD1*
6-H                 287            ~295 TD1

* TD1 … Guess the plot … by Tommaso Dorigo at

** TD2 … New CMS Results On Dijet Resonances by Tommaso Dorigo at
These TD2 masses were not suggested as particles by TD as they were not statistically significant features.

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